Sustainability at Miele

The Miele vision

Saving our common home is a race against time. At Miele, we will do everything in our power to pioneer a sustainable future and resolutely lead the entire industry

As a company, we have made three pledges to help us guide our future decisions on matters of sustainability. By implementing our sustainability strategy together with our pledges, we want to acknowledge the responsibility we have as a company and commit ourselves to making sustainable business decisions.

Make sustainability happen at every step

We continuously work towards making sustainability essential at every stage of our products and services' life cycle - as well as in all of our value chains, and in the homes of our customers.

Make appliances that won’t leave a mark

Miele is dedicated to producing the best possible products and services with the least impact on the environment, with the ultimate aim to make them 100% carbon-neutral.

End waste by giving our appliances new life

We are working towards creating a circular value chain with net-zero waste for all materials used in our appliances to re-enter the loop at the end of their lifecycle.

Miele Supplier Code of Conduct

Miele provides suppliers with the Supplier Code of Conduct with the aim of improving mutual understanding on how sustainability requirements should be met within the scope of the business relationship and integrated into routine business.

Download the Miele Supplier Code of Conduct

Social responsibility


German Supply Chain Due Diligence Act (Lieferkettensorgfaltspflichtengesetz)

The LkSG consolidates human rights and environmental conservation in global supply chains and obliges German companies to appropriately fulfil obligations to exercise diligence in their supply chains in relation to human rights and the environment. Miele regularly checks and optimizes their established risk analysis process with regard to suppliers, for sustainable supply chain management that benefits consumers and everyone involved in the supply chain and in the company equally.


SA8000 certification

As a company which is sustainable, ethically correct and aware of their social responsibility, Miele takes a holistic approach when dealing with their suppliers and makes sure to observe the international Social Accountability 8000 standard (, and expects the same from their suppliers. This standard is based on a variety of international human rights standards, including all core conventions of the International Labour Organisation (ILO), the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child.

Environmental responsibility


Climate protection & Carbon Management

In line with the Miele corporate strategy, we aspire to develop the best products and services with the lowest possible impact on the environment, with the objective of making them completely CO₂-neutral. In order to achieve this goal, we are working together with our suppliers towards implementing effective measures in accordance with the Paris Agreement to reduce direct and indirect CO₂ emissions and increase transparency on our suppliers’ own and upstream CO₂ emissions.

Spare parts

Circular economy

Miele promotes a circular economy. Together with our suppliers, we are working to increase our resource efficiency, reduce waste and promote recycling and repair. We develop products that are easily disassembled and recycled, and we work together with our partners to create sustainable materials and production processes.


Use of prohibited substances

There is a strict ban on the use of prohibited substances at Miele. We are even mindful when it comes to substances for which doubts have been raised by science and legislative initiatives. Miele expects legislative changes to be implemented in a timely manner and has integrated processes to this end, with standards being regularly reviewed. Miele considers the implementation of these standards as a key criterion when selecting suppliers.

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