Miele Experience Center and showrooms

Never too far away. Come visit us! In our showrooms and display areas at Miele locations you can take advantage of an in-depth consultation and become familiar with our product range. Find out which appliance is best suited to your needs: Your lifestyle and particular needs create diverse and individual requirements for a domestic appliance. We look forward to meeting you!

Poland - Miele Experience Center Katowice


Budynek .KTW I (parter)
Al. Roździeńskiego 1A
40-202 Katowice


Phone: +48 22 335 00 00
Website: www.miele.pl
E-Mail: info@miele.pl

Business hours

Monday 9 am - 6 pm
Tuesday 10 am - 6 pm
Wednesday 9 am - 6 pm
Thursday 10 am - 6 pm
Friday 10 am - 4 pm
Saturday 10 am - 3 pm
Sunday Closed