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Miele brings innovation into households across the globe, and our suppliers contribute their innovative ideas to this value creation process.

Find out how we do it!

At Miele, companies and suppliers have the possibility of contributing their innovative solutions and sharing their innovative processes at any time. To this end, we look for a variety of technology, products and services.

Would you like to present your innovative idea to Miele? We can show you how to contact us.


Spark our interest with innovation

Below you can find the form to fill in to submit one of your innovative ideas to us as a supplier. We receive a large number of applications and select those which provide us with a full picture of what they intend to achieve with their innovative solution and show us how this solution can be implemented at Miele.

Please refrain from using this form for generally promoting your services or as a way of gaining supplier access. We are interested in cutting-edge technology that will take our production and value creation processes to the next level, sustainably and in the long run.

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